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Septic Tanks

Septic Tanks & Percolation Areas:

Mac’s Drains can provide a number of services for your septic tank system. We can supply, install, service and desludge. Like any sewage treatment system, septic tanks require regular maintenance to ensure it functions effectively and protects the environment. While many septic tanks in Ireland functioned for many years without de-sludging, an increase in the use of detergents and other materials over time may have affected the biological process in the system and solids may not break down as quickly. Whether you need to de-sludge your tank because it is backing up in the drain to your house or you are due a service under Septic Tank Regulations, Macs Drains are at hand to assist you.

Do you know that a well maintained septic tank system can provide years of reliable low-cost service? However, when systems fail the cost of repair can be high, not to mention the unpleasant smells, blocked drains and the environmental damage that can be caused. It is therefore important to regularly empty your septic tank system.

As you may be aware, the new legislation about septic tank maintenance has now come into effect and County Council led site inspections are in effect- see our news page for the latest EPA press release.

Advantages of Regular Septic Tank Cleaning:

Regular de-sludging and cleaning of your septic tank will reduce the risk of it overflowing or developing blockages both in your drain and in your percolation area, which in turn can produce unwanted odours.

By setting up a regular Septic Tank emptying or programme, you can prolong the life of your Septic Tank, possibly avoiding serious problems in the future. This cost-effective maintenance programme can be set up to suit your schedule, and you have peace of mind knowing this pre-emptive work is being carried out by trained professionals.

Top Tips for Prolonging the Life of Your Septic Tank/Bio-cycle:


  • Don’t flush sanitary waste, cotton buds, razors, rags, cloths etc down the toilet.
  • Don’t allow harmful chemicals, grease or cooking oil into your septic tank, these can harm the organisms that break down waste.
  • To protect the drainage pipes, don’t drive over your percolation area in anything heavier than a lawn mower.
  • De-sludge regularly, yearly is typical, but this will vary with your system capacity and use.
    Keep records of when your septic tank has been emptied
  • Act immediately if you notice problems with your septic tank.

Septic Tank Upgrades

If your septic tank is no longer fit for purpose, Mac’s Drains engineering team can carry out a survey to specify an upgraded system for your home.


Septic Tank Repairs

If a problem is discovered with your septic tank or percolation area, Mac’s Drains engineering team are at hand to specify the most appropriate method of repair and our specialist repair crews will get the job done. We can fix leaking tanks, outlet pipe problems, repair covers, install ventilation pipework or replace the percolation area/distribution field. We also supply and install air blowers and submersible pumps for your raised percolation areas. Our team are trained for entry into confined space such as septic tanks so that any inspections or repairs will be done safely.

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