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Soft Washing

What is Soft Washing?

We have had plenty of people ask us this question “What is Soft Washing?”. Soft Wash is a safe and effective way to clean exterior surfaces. Although soft washing is most commonly used for roof cleaning, the method is also used to clean cladding, K Rend, render, block paved driveways, decking, tarmac, wet pour play grounds, fences and patios. In fact almost all exterior surfaces you can think of, could do with some soft washing every few years.

Examples of issues treated include:
Black/Red lines on house or building
Black/Red streaks on house or building
Black/Red marks on house or building
Black/Red algae on house or building

How is Soft washing different to pressure washing?

Pressure washing is when you use high pressure water to remove mould, algae, lichen, moss, and other contaminants from any surface. Pressure washing will give you immediate results that look good however they may last for a short period of time. Traditional power washing methods rely on high pressures to literally, blast dirt and grime from the surface. Unfortunately a high pressure jet wash can sometimes cause irreversible damage when not used properly and cause unwanted effects if used incorrectly or used on the wrong surface.

The Soft Washing process

Using a sophisticated Biocide and a low-pressure application process, Soft washing targets and kills all moulds, algae, fungi and moss down to the root leaving a sanitised surface to deter any futures spores from returning. Soft wash utilises simple chemistry, developing over time to give longer-lasting results while leaving surfaces and surroundings undisturbed.

Soft washing advantages over power washing

  • Uses less water
  • Longer lasting results
  • Little noise
  • Is safe for all known building materials
  • More cost effective clean
  • Kills the spores left behind by pressure washing
  • Does not damage the surface or exaggerate the weathering affect

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